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International Freight Forwarder based in Toronto specializing in truck, air and ocean cargo to 65 countries around the world, including US, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, China, UK, Taiwan, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the Caribbean. The company is currently very active with project cargo clients shipping heavy machinery; machine parts for oil, gas, mining and power generation; chemicals; electronics and communication technology; food products; fine art and trade shows. This business really is the nuts and bolts of business and can be very useful making connections and making business happen whether it be a multinational or a mom n’​ pop shop. Mellohawk is a member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association (CIFFA), IATA and also a Transport Canada Regulated Agent. The company is proud to be the winners of The Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association Young Freight Forwarder of the Year for 2009 and 2011.

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