The New Era of Industry: Exploring Industry 5.0 and Technological Innovations

  • May 22, 2024
  • Samuel Manuel Silveira

Since the advent of Industry 4.0, we have witnessed a significant transformation in how industries operate, driven by technologies such as IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. These innovations have brought substantial gains in efficiency and productivity, allowing companies to operate with greater precision ...

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BCCC Market Update: Will Brazil shine in the spotlight?

  • May 6, 2024

In 2001 Goldman Sachs Investment Research Division coined the term “BRIC’s” in their now famous research report that predicted that Emerging Market economies, led by Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC’s) will grow faster than Developed economies between 2000 to 2009. During this time frame, BRIC nations became the investment f...

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Meet Our New Member, G Mining Ventures Corp

  • April 12, 2024
  • G Mining Ventures Corp

ABOUT G MINING VENTURES CORP The G Mining story begins with Louis Gignac Sr., Chairman of the Board, 2016 Canadian Mining Hall of Fame inductee. Mr. Gignac Sr. is best known for building Quebec-based Cambior Inc. into an international gold producer. Throughout Cambior’s history, the company was renowned for the construction and developm...

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A Fresh Look at Human Rights in the Corporate Sustainability Agenda

  • March 25, 2024
  • Source: BENKE, Rafael. Um novo olhar para os direitos humanos na agenda de sustentabilidade corporativa. Folha de S.Paulo, São Paulo, 14.mar.2024 às 16h05. Available in: direitos-humanos-na-agenda-de-sustentabilidade-corporativa.shtml.

The world is moving towards the New Economy, and all segments of society are committed to energy transition, which imposes the duty of a just transition. In this context, the productive sector, globally, is experiencing the construction of a new paradigm in the social dimension of the corporate sustainability agenda, where respect for hu...

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The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce – BCCC received the Order of Rio Branco insignia.

  • March 14, 2024
  • Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (Ministério das Relações Exteriores of Brazil)

The insignia was awarded for BCCC’s meritorious service and civic virtues, celebrating the practice of actions and deeds worthy of honourable mention. On March 3, 2024, a special ceremony was held during the 18th Edition of the Brazil-Canada Conference at PDAC – 2024 in Toronto, ON. The Consul General of Brazil in Toronto, Ambass...

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Meet our New Member, Innovexia

  • March 11, 2024
  • Innovexia

About Innovexia Innovexia is a forward-thinking company specializing in digital transformation leveraging cloud solutions. Our services include “squad as a service,” outsourcing, software architecture, and cloud journey management, aimed at helping businesses transition their services to the cloud. With a focus on reducing c...

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