Meet our Volunteers

Current Volunteers

Brazilian, Postgraduate in Marketing Management and Professional Sales

Mariana Nadai

“With a background in journalism and over eight years of experience in digital communication, Mariana Nadai Borges has been part of our team of volunteers since April. At BCCC, Mariana is a Marketing volunteer, responsible for content creation and social media strategy, which is a way, as she says, to unite all the expertise she has acquired in journalism and to apply in the new area she is joining, which is marketing.”

Brazilian, Masters' Degree in Animal Nutrition, Postgraduate in Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership

Mariana Alcala

“With a master’s degree in Animal Production, focused on pet nutrition, Mariana has over 7 years’ experience in the pet food industry, where she managed projects and developed her skills in process improvement and food research. That experience led her to pursue her PMP certification and a career in advanced project management and leadership. Mariana finished her post-graduation in Project Management and her internship with the BCCC in April 2020”

Brazilian, Postgraduate in Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership

Mariana Carneiro

“Mariana Carneiro, with a bachelor degree in Business, worked for many years as a system consultant, implementing a tax and accounting software solution in companies to reduce their risk exposure to the government. Nowadays pursuing a project manager career studying advanced project management and leadership.”

Past Volunteers

Brazilian, Post-Graduate in Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership

Ana Katia S. Viana

“Starting my experience in Canada as a Co-op student at the BCCC has been an excellent opportunity to apply my skills and learning more about Brazil-Canada businesses. Also, I have the opportunity to expand my network during events and meetings. I am a Chemical Engineer, with 12 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, with solid knowledge in operations, quality and leadership. I am so proud to be part of this team, and I am pretty sure we will achieve our objectives together!”

Brazilian, Bachelor in Information Systems and Postgraduate in Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership

Andre Urbano

“I am recognized for excelling at building collaborative relationships within all levels of a company. Project Management has been a passion of mine for a long ever since my first role working within a Project Management team. I discovered very quickly that it allowed me to highlight my strengths of having the ability to see the bigger picture and come up with creative solutions to issues that would arise and also the final result of each project. I would like to build upon my existing experience and knowledge to move even further within this field. The BCCC Coop is a large opportunity to develop even more my soft, hard skills and the way to build relationships, also it will be an excellent capture of learning related to the commerce between Brazil and Canada.”

Brazilian, Post-Graduate in Marketing Management and Professional Sales

Rafael Gois

“I graduated in Public Relations in Brazil, currently taking a Post-Graduation program in Marketing Management and Professional Sales at the Lambton College. I have extensive experience in Sales, working for more than ten years as Account Executive in the Visual Merchandising industry. Also, I worked as a marketing assistant, always developing brand strategies in conjunction with agencies. Based on all my experience and current knowledge I have acquired in my postgraduate course, I am seeking a position in the Canadian market as Digital Marketer to develop activities such as Create Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies, Implementing Effective Search and Social Campaigns, and Define and Measure Key Performance Indicators, among others”

Specialist in Life, Health and Dental insurance| HealthTec| CRM| SalesForce

Alexsandra Bueno

“I have been working for over 15 years in the field of insurance, especially health and life insurance, worked with large organizations, helping redefine employee benefit programs. Currently, one of the biggest challenges worldwide is the search for the balance between providing a good health care population and financial stability, and in this sense, investment in HealthTec is indispensable. With the knowledge that I have in the field of health in Brazil, and now having the opportunity through the BCCC to know the Canadian health market, I do not doubt that my professional career will significantly increase. Having the opportunity to volunteer in this industry at BCCC has been an incredible experience.”

Brazilian, Management Student

Antony Valadares

“Bachelor degree in International Relations from Universidade Católica de Brasília. Management student at the Toronto School of Management. Experiences with Public and Government Relations.”

Brazilian, Post-Graduate in Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership

Ana Paula Moreira

“As background, I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Publicity, and a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Public Relations. I have over 10 years of experience in government administrative office job. Recently my career path changed. Afterward that my work history was developed in office jobs and I had several courses in the management area, I decided to invest in studying Advanced Project Management and Strategic Leadership. To accomplish that, be part of BCCC is a great opportunity, connecting me to key people and giving me the chance to enhance myself in different aspects. Other than that, I feel confident that I can bring experience to enrich the team. “

Brazilian, Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering and Master's of Management, Business Administration

Guilherme Grunthal

“Volunteering at BCCC was an exiting and challenging experience. I was able to help BCCC to strengthen ties between Canada and Brazil and in this dynamic political climate, saw firsthand how negotiations were handled at the highest levels. I am also an engaged professional with more than two years of experience in entrepreneurship. After creating and selling a language school in Brazil, I decided to pursue the Master’s of Management degree in Canada to leverage my professional capabilities and help companies with their operational challenges. In addition, I see that my work with BCCC enhanced my understanding of both Brazilian and Canadian businesses, which became and important asset latter on in my professional life.”

Brazilian, Post-Graduate in Human Resources and International Business Management Co-op Student

Erica Teixeira

“The BCCC co-op experience was a great milestone for me! My background is in Human Resources and at the BCCC I have broadened my horizons in my field,  and was able to apply my experience in different manners. I have learned a lot in planning, organizing and logistics of events and business conferences – from small gathering to big forums. I also had the opportunity to network and connect with high level executives and enterprises from different sectors both in Brazil and in Canada. I gained broad knowledge on various subjects and thanks to the BCCC, I had the opportunity to learn from several important speakers, including Honourable Ministers from Brazil and Canada, high level officials from both governments, key names in the industry and entrepreneur. Thank you BCCC for all the learning and exposure opportunities!”

Brazilian, Bachelor in International Relations, Diploma in International Business Management, Co-op Student

Diego Diaz Pimentel

“The BCCC co-op was a great opportunity for me. As a professional, I am passionate for meeting people from different parts of the world, and taking part in business events, trade shows and networking opportunities. My background is in International Relations, with focus on International Business Management, and on BCCC I had the opportunity to meet directors and executives from Brazil and Canada, as well as high profile political actors, such as ministers. Additionally, I was able to acquire a broader vision on the logistics and organization of events of different scopes, objectives and topics. Finally, I got bigger insights on Brazilian-Canadian business exchanges, and I am very grateful to the BCCC.”

Brazilian, Bachelor in International Relations, Diploma in International Business Management, Co-op Student

Filipe Heilborn Gouveia

“I started as a volunteer at the BCCC with the offer of doing something I have a lot of passion, doing research and having the opportunity of getting access to the all the material available with all the partners and members. Being able to assist with the events is great to meet people all around the world and from the different business environment, my knowledge and experience increase every day with new reports and research’s I conduct. I’m working with the development of the BCCC website and I hope to improve the content and help people who wish to do business in Canada to start their first steps, it’s amazing to understand and research everything related to business and trades between Brazil and Canada.”

Brazilian, Bachelor of Journalism, Law and Technology and Innovation MBA Student

Giovanni Sandes

I’m passionate about Strategy and Storytelling. As an MBA student with a background in Journalism, it was a pleasure to be starting as a volunteer helping BCCC to design and implement its Integrated Communications Strategy and Communications Plan, including goals and measurements. The staff was very receptive and supportive, especially considering that I was a newcomer transitioning to the Canadian job market. I’m thankful for this opportunity with an organization that offers so much volunteering and networking opportunities.

Brazilian, Biological Scientist, Post-graduated in Project Management and Business Administration - Leadership and Management Student

Rodrigo Martins Alvarenga

Since working at BCCC, I have been challenged to contribute in a myriad of business functions in which I am encouraged to apply and enhance my 15+ years business management and leadership background. Having BCCC as an internal client, my core activities are related to volunteer´s team supervision, operation and productivity improvement as well as marketing and communication strategy review. Furthermore, network expansion, Brazil-Canada business partnership awareness, and a Canadian working environment experience are desired outcomes that I will be having the opportunity to embrace in my BCCC´s journey.

Brazilian, Bachelor of International
Relations and International
Business Management co-op

Elisa Cristina Nolli

“I started as a volunteer at the BCCC on September 2017 by accident and after that I never left. During my time at the Chamber, I was able to help in the planning and be part of the organizational committee during the events.
Now, I am working as an Operations and Entrepreneurship Intern at the BCCC. Among my responsibilities, I would like to emphasize that I am conducting market analysis and market research, managing sectorial reports and assisting with the development of some committees.
My volunteer experience at the BCCC has been amazing. I was able to meet people who I could never imagine of talking to, such as ambassadors, consuls, CEOs as well as work with a wonderful staff. Thank you to the BCCC for this valuable and unforgettable time!”

Brazilian, Post-Graduate
Global Business
Management Student

Fernanda Krug

“My main activities at BCCC are linked to events, since preparation, contact with guests, speakers and organizers, catering, venue for events, airline tickets and hotels, prospecting of new members / partners and volunteers. Acting as a BCCC volunteer gives me the opportunity to expand my networking, interact with diverse professionals from different industries / sectors, learn and better understand the business partnerships between Brazil and Canada as well as projects in common between the two countries.”

Brazilian, Bachelor of Business Administration and International Business Management co-op student

Pedro Filleti

I have had an amazing experience working at the BCCC as a Marketing and Operations intern. My tasks and duties were pivotal to my professional development, moreover, the team is amazing and always enthusiastic to help. BCCC gave me the opportunity to expand and enhance my skills, exceeding every expectation I had from Canada.I would like to thanks the Chamber for the valuable and meaningful experience!

Brazilian, Psychologist and
International Business
Management Student

Roberta Lorico Pallota

“I have been working at BCCC since October 2017 and it has been a great experience. I started as an Event Volunteer, helping on the planning and execution of the events. Now, I am having the opportunity to work as a Human Resources intern, focusing on the development of projects and procedures especially involving the improvement of the BCCC Volunteer Immersion Program (BCCC VIP).”

Brazilian Agricultural Technician,
Agricultural Economist, Master in
Economics, specialized in Global

Cleiton Bittencourt

“I volunteered within BCCC giving support to the Director of Business Development, helped to organize and coordinate events, and assisted on market trends analysis. It has been such a great experience to be able to meet many of those who are responsible for strengthening the commercial relations between Brazil and Canada, as well as to contribute to meaningful initiatives that foster and identify business opportunities.”

Brazilian, Post-Graduate
Marketing Management
Digital Media

Natália Moreira
Marketing and Events volunteer

“I started as a volunteer at the BCCC in January 2018. As my first Canadian experience, working at the Brazil- Canada Chamber of Commerce was a valuable changing experience. During my time at the BCCC, I played some roles such acted as a liaison supporting the dialogue among Brazilian and Canadian companies and governments, assisted in bilingual event receptions and also managed some updates in the BCCC website.
Two months working in BCCC was a fantastic experience, I had the opportunity to learn many things and in addition to working with great people”.

Brazilian, Public Affairs Advisor ;
Bachelor degree in Communications
with Major in Journalism (USP)

Ana Fernandes

“I provide council for BCCC’s use of social media. I help design strategies so that the Chamber can better use its platforms on channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to deliver value to BCCC’s members. I also help quantify and analyze data and results from BCCC’s posts on social media to see which strategies were most successful resulting in increased engagement with our followers. BCCC provided me with a great opportunity to network and to build portfolio in a critical moment when I was transitioning my career to the Canadian market. I was able to apply concepts I was studying at my corporate communications postgraduate program – which was an invaluable experience. My work with the Chamber was critical for my professional development here in Toronto and helped me get to the senior role I have today at UHN – Canada’s largest research hospital. On a personal level, I got to meet many fantastic people, make new friends and always have a great time while participating on BCCC’s events.”

Brazilian, B.E. Food Engineering
Post Graduate on Business

Cecilia Goncalves

“I am very grateful of this opportunity to work with amazing people at BCCC! Through this experience, I’ve been collaborated on Planning and Executions of events and Analysis and Implementation of methods of government assistance for the development of new projects. Also, I was also able to meet with several professionals from Canada/Brazil and develop my personal skills in problems solving.”

Brazilian, International
Relations Grad student

Maria Beatriz Barberis

“My name is Maria Barberis and I’m from a small town in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. I’m finishing a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and went on exchange at the University of Toronto during one semester in 2017. During that time, I had the pleasure to work as a volunteer at the BCCC. In my experience, I was able to attend important events about key themes for Brazil-Canada relations, and got to know more about the opportunities available between both countries. I enhanced my organization and social skills by assisting in the organization of such events, and also made research about the priority areas of cooperation. The experience of direct contact with the Chamber’s work, linking projects, business and governments, was definitely important as a starting point for my career. It inspired me to work with diplomacy, and after I came back to Brazil, I started working as an intern at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Getting to know the BCCC initiative closely helped me clarify my goals, and I wish to keep working to develop partnerships between countries to explore their potential.”

Cristiano Schoenberger

“My name is Cristiano Schoenberger, I am from Joinville/Brazil and I am an Occupational Health and safety technologist. In September of 2017 I spent a month in Toronto/Canada in order to take an intensive English course. While I was there, I had the opportunity to volunteer at BCCC. The main developed activities during the period I volunteered there, were: assist the manager in its routine activities, as well as in the organization of files and review of documents. It was also part of my activities to help the organization of the event Doing Business In Brazil, as well as other administrative activities. It was a great experience considering that I was able to improve my English skills, learn more about Canadian bureaucracy system and this institution that aims to facilitate business agreements between Brazil and Canada. I can also say that meeting so many important people for these two nations, as ambassadors and government representatives, was a unique experience!”

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