Brazil-Canada at PDAC 2021 Sessions

Brazilian Mining Sessions and Panel Discussions

Brazil-Canada Mining Insights

Brazil Canada Mining Sessions

Brazilian Mining Sessions: Policies and Regulations for the Mineral Sector in Brazil

Brazilian Mining Sessions: Investment Outlook for Mineral Exploration in Brazil

Brazilian Mining Sessions: Mineral Exploration Search Spaces in Brazil

Brazil Canada ESG Insights

Business & Human Rights: The impact of the new EU regulations for your company

ESG Commitment: Carbon Footprint and Biodiversity

ESG Reporting: Regulation and Trends

ESG Aspects of Doing Exploration in Brazil

Brazil - Canada Exclusive Capital Markets Program

Brazil Canada Mining Talks

Advancement of Women in the Brazilian Mining Industry: A Defined Business Priority

Brazil-Canada Mining Talks: Service Solutions for the Brazilian Mining Sector

Brazil-Canada Mining Talks: Legal Trends on Debt and Equity Financing in Brazil

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