Brazilian solutions with potential to reach the Canadian market arrive in Toronto

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Brazilian solutions with potential to
reach the Canadian market arrive in Toronto

Focus is on the Artificial Intelligence, Health and Fintech industries

Between June 23 and 28, 19 Brazilian startups will take part in an internationalization mission within the StartOut Brasil program in Toronto. The startups seek to start commercial operations in and around town, finding commercial partnerships and, for some of them, investments. Most companies operate in Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Health.

“Among the main reasons that made us choose Canada as a destination for Brazilian startups are: the opportunities in industry sectors where Brazil is competitive, such as Artificial Intelligence, Health and Fintech; the excellent innovation ecosystem with support programs and instruments for startups and foreign companies; and the global mindset of the city of Toronto. As we identified all these characteristics, the StartOut Brasil mission to Toronto was designed”, explains Paula Gomes, Head of the Internationalization Division at the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

“Canada and Brazil are excellent partners. In addition, the country is very open to new technologies and Toronto is an extremely multicultural and welcoming city towards foreigners, very favorable for companies like those taking part in this StartOut cycle. Brazil has innovative solutions to offer and this is the right market”, says the Consul General of Brazil in Toronto, Ambassador Ana Lélia Benincá Beltrame.

Currently, there are about 12,300 active startups in Brazil. Regarding investment, Brazilian startups stand out in Latin America. The Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) pinned 256 Latin American startups being invested in their 2018 directory; being 161 from Brazil (more than 62%). The year before, 119 deals were made by Venture Capital (VC) and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firms in startups in Brazil, not including accelerators and angels. In addition, the city of São Paulo, Brazil, is on the list of the most promising ecosystems in the world, according to the recently released Global Startup Ecosystem report by Startup Genome, which estimates USD 5.1 billion in Ecosystem Value. Fintech and Life Sciences are the main industries pointed out in the document as the region’s strength.

Around 3.5% of Brazilian startups work on solutions in the area of Life Sciences. One of them is Aptah Biotechnology, which aims to connect with major players in drug research and development, in order to produce medicines with costs much lower than those currently practiced in the market, and medicines that have the possibility of treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and some types of cancer with less side effects and higher efficacy.

Telemedicine Portal is another company focused on health but leaning towards Artificial Intelligence. The idea is that people will get image exams and the results will be sent to specialized health professionals, with no need to be in the same city. A computer immediately identifies when there are significant changes, giving an alert when there is a need for immediate attention. “The solution was developed thinking about the Brazilian market, where the best professionals are usually in large urban centers and the population that lives in more remote areas ends up without access to these doctors. We discovered that in Canada the solution could be useful due to the weather conditions that end up making access to health professionals difficult too,” says André Targino, Lead AI Researcher at the company.

In the Fintech industry, where around 4% of Brazilian startups are specialized, TCL Soluções stands out by connecting credit borrowers, investors and those who wish to anticipate their payments. Without the presence of a traditional bank behind it, all agents connect directly to each other and the operation is more profitable for all parties. “We believe that in Toronto we will be able to mature the platform and the company, because there are many partners that can make our startup even more competitive,” says Rodolfo Ferreira, IT analyst at TCL. It is worth noting that the region of São Paulo was declared by Startup Genome as one of the Top 30 main global Fintech ecosystems.

StartOut Brazil is a support program to insert Brazilian startups in the world’s most promising innovation ecosystems. Carried out by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (SEBRAE), and the Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators (Anprotec), the program has already been in Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Miami, Lisbon and Santiago.

Check out all the startups that are part of the Toronto cycle:

  1. Antares Recycling – specialized in the development and implementation of sustainable solutions for recycling and reuse of industrial waste;
  2. Aptah Bioinformatica – bioinformatics company that aims to reduce the time, costs and risks spent on drug development;
  3. Asel Tech – pipeline manager for the oil, petrochemical and gas and energy industries;
  4. dLieve – real-time delivery monitoring and management system
  5. Filho sem Fila Software Ltda – application that notifies the school in advance when parents are arriving;
  6. FormulaXR – immersive virtual conference;
  7. Hype – produces animations for the entertainment market and creates content for television and cinema;
  8. InEvent – helps companies to see the power of events and facilitates the management of their processes, the creation of winning solutions and the delivery of incredible experiences;
  9. Jade Autism – application that stimulates and develops the cognitive functions of children;
  10. key2enable Assistive Technology – empowers people with disabilities to develop their skills and individualities;
  11. Molegolar – startup that enables the formation of architectural plants that adapt to the needs of users by combining modules for various footage.
  12. MSC MED – offers project development assistance methodologies for implantable medical devices;
  13. Portal Telemedicina LTDA – an online medical center that combines technology, medicine and an incredible team to serve clients in all stages of their business;
  14. Pris – solutions to guide managers in decisions capable of increasing the value of their business;
  15. RIO Analytics – Artificial Intelligence for industry – uses artificial intelligence to predict failure of industrial assets;
  16. Shawee – management platform for hackathons;
  17. Shelfpix Tecnologia LTDA – developer of a cutting-edge technology applied to point-of-sale monitoring through digital image recognition;
  18. TCL Solutions – developer of innovative technological solutions that improve the market for receivables and means of payment;
  19. WNutritional – line of functional, tasty beverages, free of preservatives and rich in nutrients;

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