Cescon Barrieu – Platinum Sponsor – Brazil-Canada Conference at PDAC 2022

Cescon Barrieu - Platinum Sponsor

Cescon Barrieu is one of the main law firms in Brazil and the first Brazilian full-service firm to have a physical presence in Canada, consistently ranked among the best offices in the country in various areas and industries.
Our goal is not just to be a big office or to appear in a specific ranking. For us, this is simply a consequence of what we do. What really motivates us is the result of the work we do and the principle that our client’s success is our success. This is what has brought us here and this is what will always take us forward.

Interview with Cescon Barrieu Partnes Federico Viana, Marcelo Mendo and Paula Azevedo

Interview with Cescon Barrieu: ESG and Impact

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