Inclusion and diversity moving from concepts to results

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Toronto (January 11, 2023) – After a rich and successful workshop last December on diversity, equity and inclusion, the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC), in partnership with I&D 101, brings to the table a critical discussion on inclusion and diversity (I&D). With the new BCCC podcast series, launched on January 11, the initiative is shedding light on how this “new” business priority is changing organizations in multiple sectors in the Brazilian and Canadian markets. Hosted by Jamile Cruz, Founder at I&D 101, and Chair of the BCCC Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the episodes will have conversations with representatives from companies from key sectors: mining, tech, infrastructure, trade and government.

One of the challenges companies are facing on their I&D journey is the focus on diversity without equal attention to inclusion. Focus on improving representation can bear fruit but increasing representation in unwelcoming environments can backfire. Without inclusion, new hires can feel isolated, thus minimizing their ability to contribute fully. And how are the different environments in Canada and Brazil? How are I&D strategies being implemented in both countries? Which actions are generating results? “In this podcast series, we will be exploring these questions, discussing how they are being addressed in multiple sectors of our economy,” states Jamile Cruz who will talk to Brazilian and Canadian government and business leaders who are guiding the change and prioritizing inclusion in their organizations.

In the first episode of the BCCC Podcast Series – Leading the Change Towards Inclusion in Business, Jamile discusses inclusive trade with Jennifer Cooke, Director of Inclusive Trade at the Export Development Canada | Exportation et développement Canada. During the conversation, Jennifer explained that when exporting is viewed through inclusive lenses, “it advances the interest of groups facing exporting barriers and helps businesses grow and succeed, which positively impacts the economy.”  You can listen to this episode and follow the BCCC Podcast Series on Anchor and Spotify.

WRITTEN BY: Adriano Macedo


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