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About Alcance Solutions

Alcance Solutions provides strategic and emerging risk advisory services to empower organizations with information, helping them reach global opportunities and achieve sustainable growth. We support clients by providing research and analysis that balances risks and opportunities is sustainability-focused and multidisciplinary. We help clients develop actionable risk management strategies with a long-term view focused on emerging markets, green industries and climate-related risks. Our approach is to develop networks of collaboration, leverage innovative ecosystems and contribute to knowledge transfer.

Who can benefit from Alcance Solutions’ services?

Alcance Solutions target market is small and medium-sized companies. SME’s are more often resource and capacity-constrained, limiting their ability to conduct research, analysis and forecasting of new opportunity markets. Organizations that require strategic, technical and forward-looking research into Brazil and other emerging markets, green industries (e.g. electric vehicles and renewable energy supply chains, infrastructure), and climate-related risks would best benefit from AS’ services. Moreover, AS could best support companies looking to transition their business towards a sustainable and net-zero future.

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