TOP 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Express Entry!

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You asked, we listened. This week, we gathered the answers for TOP 10 Frequently Asked Questions for Express Entry, based on our followers’ inquiries. If you think you are ready and eligible to apply, please visit

Question 1: To gain an extra 50 points, can I upload a job offer from my existing employer to my Express Entry profile if I have an open work permit?

No. You can only upload a job offer to your profile if you are on an employer-specific work permit which has been issued based on an approved LMIA.

Question 2: How can I gain the 50 points for the LMIA approved job offer through the Express Entry program if I have a Post-Graduate Work Permit or a Spousal Open Work Permit?

You and your employer may choose to apply for an LMIA approval from Service Canada. Upon approval allowing you to receive an employer-specific work permit and upload the job offer to your Express Entry profile for the additional 50 points (or 200 points for NOC 00).

Question 3: Is there a minimum wage requirement under the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry?

The minimum working hours per week and combined total for the duration of the experience is important, as well as the NOC skill level. There is no minimum wage requirement to prove working experience inside Canada (although this is another subject for Provincial and Federal Employment standards).

Question 4: From what date will my Canadian work experience be calculated when I create my Express Entry profile?

Your work experience will count from the last 3 years from the date your profile has been created and entered the Express Entry pool – not from the date you receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Question 5: Do I need to meet the minimum settlement funds requirement if I am invited to apply under the Canadian experience Class of Express Entry?

No, you do not need to meet the funds requirement under CEC.

Question 6: Does my work experience in Quebec count towards the eligible Canadian work experience under the Canadian Experience Class?

Yes. Please take note that if you plan to stay in Quebec you have to apply through the provincial program. Only if you’re planning to settle outside of Quebec, then you would be eligible under the Express Entry system.

Question 7: Does paid work experience while I am a student in Canada count towards my profile in Express Entry?

No. It does not count towards Canadian Experience Class under the Express Entry program. **Hint: Check out the Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program. However, overseas work experience while you were a student does count towards your score under the FSW Express Entry program (only if it was continuous and full time for at least one year in the same occupation).

Question 8: Does my Canadian work experience have to be continuous?

No. During the last 3 years from the date of your profile creation it does not have to be continuous but should meet either the part-time or full time requirements (i.e. 15 hours a week vs 30 hours a week). Be careful, as the Federal Skilled Worker program under Express Entry requires a minimum of 1 year continuous full time employment to become eligible. This is always a confusing point for applicants when checking the criteria for these different streams under the Express Entry program.

Question 9: Can I work more than 40 hours a week (i.e. 40-50) to gain my one-year full-time Canadian work experience in less than 12 months?

No. Maximum 30 hours a week accepted by the Canadian government. Additional hours per week are not considered.

Question 10: I recently graduated from a post-secondary college in Canada and started working for my employer a few days after my graduation. Under the Express Entry program for Canadian Experience Class, from what date can I claim that my Canadian full-time work experience started?

From the date you successfully applied for your Post-Graduate Work Permit. Not from before this date (as you would have been considered a full-time student before this application date).

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