BCCC Webinar Series

BCCC Webinar Series

Brazil-Canada Natural Gas Forum 2020 - Business and Investment Opportunities

This webinar was organized by the BCCC, in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade & Promotion Agency) and the Consulate General of Canada in Rio de Janeiro (Global Affairs Canada).

Brazil-Canada Talks: Think Global - Como Mudar o seu Mindset para Crescer

Carolina Albernaz, Director at BCCC – Moderator

Raquel de Castro, Co-Founder | Think Global

Rogério Bohn, Co-Founder | Think Global

Rafael Pinto, Co-Founder | Think Global

Brazil-Canada Talks: Data Protection in Brazil - Main Aspects and Latest Developments

Carolina Albernaz, Director at BCCC – Moderator

Renata  Armonia, partner at FCR Law

Bruno Guilhem, Head of Innovation, Startups & PMEs at FCR Law

Natália Dantas, associated with FCR Law

1st Brazil-Canada New Energy Investment Forum 2020

An overview of the Brazilian New Energy Sector, focused on showcasing the trends, opportunities and challenges in the New Energy Sector, aiming to attract, enlighten and strengthen Canadian investment in Brazil.

Brazil-Canada Talks: Hardship, Force Majure & Judicial Recuperation: Hot Topics in Brazilian Business Law

Joaquim Muniz, Partner at Trench, Rossi & Watanabe

Giuliana Schunck, Partner at Trench, Rossi & Watanabe

Gledson Campos, Partner at Trench, Rossi & Watanabe

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Cities Showcase: Vancouver/BC

Peter Wright, Business Development Manager at Vancouver Economic Commission

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Session 2

An introduction on how to do business in Canada for startups and SMEs. Among speakers, we had Oziel Law presenting legal aspects of doing business in Canada, TMX on how to raise capital and the Trade Commissioners at the Canadian Consulate in Sao Paulo presenting on immigration, government support and grants.

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Cities Showcase: Winnipeg/MB

Alberto Velasco-Acosta, Director of Foreign Investment at Yes! Winnipeg

Kyla Willis, Business Development Manager at Yes! Winnipeg

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Cities Showcase: Edmonton/AB

Brent Jensen, Senior Manager, Business Development at Edmonton Global

Dr. Stan Blade, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and  Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta

Gabriel Dechichi, Software Engineer and Games Developer

Nella Brodett, Director of Investment and Partnerships at AMII – Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Cities Showcase: Montreal/QC

Laurence Fouquette-L’Anglais, Project Director, Foreign Investments, Americas at Montreal International

Eliza Fiuza, Project Manager, Foreign Investments, Americas at Montreal International

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Cities Showcase: Waterloo/ON

Catharine Gerhard, Market Development Manager at EDC Waterloo

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Why invest in Canada?

Moderator: Carolina Albernaz, BCCC

Ambassador Jennifer May, Ambassador of Canada in Brazil

Elise Racicot, Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner-Brazil at the Consulate General of Canada in Sao Paulo

Virtual FDI Mission & Program - Cities Showcase: Toronto/ON

Ellen Mitchel, Advisor, Investment Attraction at Toronto Global

Daniel Hengeveld, Senior Director, Investment Attraction at Toronto Global

Episode 7: Brazil-Canada Talks: The Future of Healthcare

Moderator: Carolina Albernaz, BCCC
Dr. Omar Moreira Bacha, MD, PhD. Gynecologist Oncologist at CHUM (Centre Hospitalier Université de Montréal) & Professor Université de Montréal
Dr. Andre Perillier Schneider, MD Anesthesiologist at Chaleur Regional Hospital, Bathurst, New Brunswick
Raquel Boechat, CMO at Athimos Healthcare Platform

Episode 8: Brazil-Canada Talks: Education Update - Impersonation & Plagiarism in Remote Delivery

Moderator: Bill Ross, Principal at Janus Conference

Wendy Freeman – Executive Director, Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching, Ryerson University

Richard Peters – VP, Finance & Administration, Sault College

Elizabeth Long – Partner, Long Mangalji

Ali Hirji – Lead, Durham College AI Hub

Midierson Maia – Founder, Preemptor AI

William Pourmajidi – CEO, WIL Solutions

Phyllis Hildebrandt, Canadian Academic Director for Brazil at Maple Bear Global Schools

Cintia Santanna, Academic Director, Portuguese Language at Maple Bear Brasil

Episode 6: Brazil-Canada Trade - Logistics Solutions for Reefer Cargo during COVID-19

Carolina Albernaz, BCCC
Arnon Melo, President at MELLOHAWK Logistics

Episode 7: Brazil-Canada Talks - Decision Making in Uncertain Times

Moderator: Paola Saad, CMO at BankingBook Analytics
Sohail Farooq, CEO at BankingBook Analytics
David Gong, COO at BankingBook Analytics

Episode 4: COVID-19 - Immigration Update for International Students in Canada

Naga Obazee, Principal Counsel at Obazee Law

Episode 5: COVID-19 Crisis: Labor, Tax and Legal Aspects in Brazil

Eduardo Fleury, Partner at FCR Law
Renata Armonia, Partner at FCR Law
Philippe Jeffrey, International Tax Partner at FCR Law
Deborah Monte, Associate at FCR Law

Episode 1: The Importance of Organizational Culture in Addressing Gender Equality & Diversity

Jamile Cruz, Founder & CEO at I&D101

Episode 2: Canada's Newest Trade Connection & Opportunities

Peter Hawkins, Managing Director at MELLOHAWK Logistics
Shannon Blanchard, Cargo Development Manager at Port Saint John

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