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  • Why Tech Workers Should Consider Moving to Canada?


    If you are a worker or business owner in the tech space, this post is for you! As technology is advancing, Canada has proved itself to be a spearhead in the IT industry and as a result, more and more global tech talent continues to move to Canada. This is no wonder as the country offers so many ways to immigrate whether on a temporary or permanent basis...

  • What you need to know about studying in Canada in 2021


    With Canada recently ranking within the top five of the world’s best countries for international students, it is not surprising that many newcomers start their path to permanent residency through the pursuit of post-secondary education, given our first-rate educational system, friendly and welcoming culture, safety and favourable living costs. The fir...

  • Connecting the Canadian and Brazilian tech space

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    If you are a Brazilian or an investor within the tech space and looking to expand into the booming Canadian IT sector, this article is for you! This article will provide you with details on how the start-up program works, why the Canadian government implemented the program and why Canada is the best hub for Brazilian start-ups. INCEPTION OF START-UP PR...

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